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Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Pastor Jerry Smith hails originally from Canada, but has been living and working in the British Isles for over five and a half years now.  He is happily married to Olivia, and has three crazy (but wonderful) kids.  He loves Jesus, seeing new places, meeting new people, studying the Bible, and spending time with his family.

Jerry grew up in the Adventist church, but he claims he didn’t really know or meet Jesus until the end of his teenage years.  It was then that Jerry began to take God more seriously, trying to understand what life and the Bible and God was all about.  And the Lord blessed him with peace and joy as he studied the Bible, and sought to share its teachings with others. He was even asked by his local pastor to take a weekly teaching class!

But the Lord had other plans for Jerry, and he soon began realize it.  A growing sense that God was calling him to begin studying for ministry began (much to his surprise / shock), and although he actually tried dodging the calling for about a year or so, eventually Jerry realized that this indeed was what God wanted him to do, so he obeyed the call, and started studying at the nearest Seventh-day Adventist Bible College. 

Following a five-year stint there (including sometime abroad in the mission field), Jerry worked for a number of years on the east coast of Canada (the Maritimes – New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – during which he met and married his beloved Olivia), before receiving an offer to come to England to work.

Jerry very much enjoys the variety and challenge of ministry, and feels both blessed and privileged to work for Jesus here in the UK.  He prays that Christ can be glorified through the teaching and sharing of God’s love.  He serves two wonderful churches, one in Chatham (Chatham Seventh-day Adventist Church), and one in Foots Cray / Sidcup area (Riverway Seventh-day Adventist Church).

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